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  • RE: Admin Application by BHC v4rtz for T5

    i reached out to you on discord. check there

    greets, Alpha.

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  • rust.server


    hey there gamers,

    for ~1.5years our community played/modded and tweaked our Rust server for what we now decided to be perfectly balanced.

    That’s why we now release it to the public audience.

    👉🏻 Join here 👈🏻

    We installed some mods for mostly “quality of life” purposes and make playing on this server more convenient. (even for Solo players)

    The mods are as follows:

    • 2x Gather/Loot/Stacks
    • Backpack (extra 18slots) | so even a Solo can run OIL and still get some stuff home
    • No Decay (as long as in TC-range, you will need no upkeep the whole wipe)
    • Clan/Group Manager Max4
    • Time of Day (45min Day/15min Night)
    • 45 Tik / ~200FPS

    For now we planned 125 slots for the players. If there will be more people playing, we will be pleased to increase the slots according to demand of the community.

    I hope you’ll enjoy playing and have a rusty experience,


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  • RE: Admin application by Maguars T6

    hey there maguars,

    we discussed your application in our team and found some issues within that one. while you’re listing some positive traits of yours, you’re missing out on the “negative” ones as part of our application guidelines. please give us some more info about that and/or talk to us on Teamspeak³ or give us your discord so we can sort things out “personally”.

    thx, Alpha.

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  • RE: Counting numbers


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  • RE: In-game Moderator Application

    @Milk so i guess you download it and join our server on “
    I’m online pretty much every evening from 7pm till i don’t wanna do anything but fall in my bed. just join the NEED ADMIN in the welcome section of the teamspeak. an admin will get a message if there is one online on the server, whereever they might be 😆

    catch you later,


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  • RE: In-game Moderator Application

    Hey there @Milk,

    @Xerxes and myself would like to speak to you, so we can sort things out and sepperate the wrong from right. Please name time/date for an interview which i would like to take place on our Teamspeak3 server.



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  • RE: In-Game Moderator Application by Replayz

    Hey there @Replayz,

    right now is summertime and I hope you could make it to EU (GMT) for your “vacation” I hope. I would like to speak to you on our Teamspeak3 server for further discussion about your application details, where I got some more questions, which I would like to be answered.

    Please tell me a date and time (weekends prefered) when you are able to take part in this meeting, which is of course about your application 😏

    Thanks in advance,


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  • RE: Limitless1204YT's In-Game Moderator Application

    @Limitless1204YT It has been ~5weeks and you still didn’t tell us a date, when we can actually have an interview either on TS or Discord. So I would kindly recommend you to think about a time which suits your scedule on one of the coming weekends. If there will be no answer in this thread until this upcoming sunday 19th of july, I will call this “case” application dismissed.

    thank you,


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  • RE: Sean_La_Masta80's application

    @Sean_La_Masta80 said in Sean_La_Masta80's application:

    So, what time is right for you?

    I would like to speak to you on saturday at 1am (UTC +1). Which means, it is still friday in your coutry of course.

    See you soon, Alpha.

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  • RE: Admin Application For Doggog

    Hey there Doggog,

    you actually forgot to mention your negative character traits… not really much of an honest impression, if you’re just speaking about yourself as a friendly person.

    So maybe you should edit or comment in this thread with some information which we can take as a serious image of yourself.

    thx, Alpha.

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