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  • RE: Admin application by Syther

    thanks again for your application. We are going to give you a chance.
    Please verify that this is your Account. To answer your question from Discord: You don’t have to re-apply as an admin to gain admin privileges on another server if you are already an admin. In fact IW4m is going to grant you rights on T6 as soon as it detects you as it detects you as an admin of IW4x.

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  • IW4x released version 0.6!

    IW4x released version 0.6 of their Client, the update mainly contains bug fixes and a few new features but also includes a few security patches. The new features of this update are:

    • Add dvar to control the server query rate (net_serverQueryLimit & net_serverFrames) which is useful for those of you who don’t have strong routers.
    • Implement /serverlist api endpoint on dedicated servers.
    • Implement unbanclient command.

    While only the first one is interesting to average Joe the second one might mean that there will be an online server list for IW4x soon-ish since now everyone can easily get a list of all servers.

    The most important bug fix of this update is that the friend list finally works again. Also noteworthy is that the lag spikes on low end PCs, that got introduced with version 0.5.1, got fixed.

    As always the full change log (.onion) can be found on their website.

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  • 🎆 Happy new year!

    We hope you all had pleasant holidays and have a good start into 2019!

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  • Steam Group player of the week are now automatically selected.

    We now automatically pick the Steam Group member of the week at the start of each week! All you have to do to have a chance is to be in our Steam Group and to play on our servers that use Steam, that’s it!
    Every Monday our server takes the 5 players with the most play time (to make it fair for our folks on the Gmod servers) and sets the player of the week to the first one that is in our Steam Group. In case you are not already a member of our Steam Group you can find a link below and on the top.

    AWOG Steam Group.

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  • L4D2 crashes fixed

    We updated our game servers to the latest version of Metamod and Sourcemod, this plus a few config changes greatly improves the stability and performance of our server. It turned out that our L4D2 server crashed due to Valve’s server ranking, after disabling it server crashes dropped from multiple per day to none.

    Speaking of L4D2, it is now possible to load custom Campaigns without the need to disconnect from the server first, therefore we added a few custom campaigns to our rotation.All of them can be downloaded through the Workshop collection linked below. Campaigns are not the only new content on our L4D2 server, it now also has custom elevator music and map decals. But since L4D2 is the big steaming pile of bugs we all love it comes with a catch:
    While downloading those custom assets over http you have a black screen that will look like your game crashed. It is possible to check the progress in the console, we will keep those files to a minimum, promise! At the moment of writing this those files are around 3MB and are delivered over multiple blazing fast servers.

    Steam Workshop collection.

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  • 🎄 Happy Holidays!

    We would like to wish everyone happy holidays no matter what or with whom you celebrate.
    As we are too celebrating with our families it might be a bit harder than usual to get hold of an admin, we however try our best to keep our servers not only up and running but also moderated.

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