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  • RE: False positives from the IW4mAdmin AntiCheat.


    We are currently trying to figure this out together with RaidMax.
    Every single one banned wrongly during that process will be unbanned ASAP!

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  • RE: banned for cheating? over 4000 hours on csgo lmao

    We did test a private version of IW4mAdmin to fix
    Sadly it didn’t work as intended, your ban will be lifted the next time we start IW4mA.
    Since IW4ma isn’t running nothing stops you from rejoining.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, but its for a good cause!

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  • False positives from the IW4mAdmin AntiCheat.


    We and other communities / clans have experienced an issue with IW4mAdmins Anti Cheat. According to its main developer Raidmax it seems like when a player kills a bot the offset of the bot is somehow parsed as the offset of the player. Which causes values that are impossible to reach for legit players and then causes an automatic ban from the Anti Cheat.

    All AUTOMATIC BANS caused by OFFSETS have been deleted.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this to the affected legit players!
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  • RE: Banned for being to good? Thanks?

    There is an issue in the latest version of IW4mAdmin that seems to apply the offset of a bot to players killing them. Those offsets should always be 0 if you are a legit player.

    I could reproduce this with my game as well. You are unbanned, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by this!

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  • RE: Banned for being to good? Thanks?

    That was an automated ban, nobody did manually ban you. We gonna need demo files from you from those rounds.

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  • RE: Town zombies

    Everything that is needed to host a Town server can be found on the internet, nobody did put a Free Town Server Here on top of it that’s why they can’t find it.

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  • What is RektT5

    RektT5, also known as GetRekt T5M, is an alternative Client for Black Ops which allows mods and private ranked dedicated server hosting. It is the only BO client that is not based on outdated and dangerous leaked code from aIW. Unlike those clients RektT5 is based on the latest, unleaked version of 4D1’s T5m client. Custom maps and weapons are possible through the build in support for game_mod.

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  • GetRekt released three updates for RektT5.

    After over 3 years of silence GetRekt released three updates for RektT5.
    This updates are mostly composed out of quality of life changes.

    Changelog update 1:

    • working server flags
    • dvar-related changes
    • working RCon
    • working CAC
    • disabled UPNP
    • fixed “connecting…” issues for non-English installs
    • stability improvements
    • more features to theater/leaderboards
    • enabled data folder for dedicated servers

    The dvar changes are as followed:

    • cg_fov, cg_fovScale got unprotected
    • r_noborder got added for MP and SP
    • party_minplayers now works from the server cfg
    • con_enableBdLogging got added to hide the DW Emulator spam in the console
    • sv_network_fps maximum got increased to 1000
    • playlist_enabled is now writable

    Changelog update 2:

    • Fixed playlist_enabled resetting after a map_rotate
    • Fixed RCon tools crashing dedicated servers

    Changelog update 3:

    • Added support for game_mod (start t5m.exe with -linker_mod to use it)
      • RektT5 will read the mods from its own folder, you can however link them together with mklink /d mods c:\path\to\bo1\mods
    Game_Mod is a special modification for Call of Duty: Black Ops that allows users to play custom maps, enables the developer console, adds a menu option to load mods, etc. developed by Nukem & SE2Dev.

    Game_Mod can be downloaded from their GitHub page.

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  • 2 AWOG RektT5 servers online!

    Our servers for RektT5 are back online again, actually they have been online for a few days but now that IW4m-Admin works again it is time for an announcement. Please note that the configuration isn’t fully finished yet, but it feels like we are close enough. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

    Happy fragging!

    [AWOG] Team Tactical BEST-MAPS (

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  • RE: Town zombies

    @archieeee said in Town zombies:

    I know it is more complex

    That why we don’t give it out, the CoD community proved on uncountable occasions they can’t be trusted with potentially dangerous commands.
    We don’t need a metric shit ton of broken Town servers, that would be just the same old story like all those pirates that talked down on Pluto because they downloaded garbage.

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