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  • RE: What is RektT5


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  • RE: PlutoT6 server set-up guide.

    23.06.2019: Started to add screenshots.
    26.06.2019: Added more screenshots, basic set-up and preparation for a RCon tool is now covered.

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  • How to change your name on PlutoT6

    1. Through the internal console

    • Start the game and wait until XUI has fully loaded.
    • Open the internal console by pressing the tilde key.
      • ^ on QWERTZ.
      • ~ on QWERTY (US).
      • ' on QWERTY (UK).
      • the key above tab on most keyboard.
    • Type name YourNameHere.

      2. Through the external console

      • Start the game and wait until XUI has fully loaded.
      • Press ALT+TAB and open the external console window.
      • Type name YourNameHere.

      3. Through Notepad++

      • Make sure the game is closed.
      • Navigate to .\t6r\player and open with Notepad++
      • Change the first line to your username.
        • DO NOT add any new lines or control characters.
      • Save the file
      • Start your game
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  • Our IW4m-Admin now has votes!

    After some time spent on creating our own vote plug-in we are happy to announce that we have the first servers having a vote functionality based on IW4m-Admin.

    Obviously abusing those votes can result in a ban.

    The following new commands and aliases got added.:

    • !votekick or !vk to vote kick a player
      • Requires a player and takes an optional reason.
    • !votemap or !vm to vote for a map
      • Requires a map name.
    • !voteskip or !vs to vote to skip a map
    • !yes or !y to vote for a running vote.
    • !no or !n to vote against a running vote.
    • !veto or !v to use your veto right.
      • Requires at least Moderator permissions
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  • RektT5 server guide.

    A PC to host the server.
    An Internet connection.
    T5 on said server. (You only need MP and can delete all .iwd files but iw_00.iwd after the first step this can save you a LOT of disk space.)
    A brain. (Mainly to understand the difference between your T5M install folder and the T5M folder.)


    I know that T5M install folder and the T5M folder can be a bit confusing.
    All relative paths are as seen from t5m.exe
    Certain things require you to disable the playlist, this however also disables the automated maprotation.
    Please don’t create any 24/7 servers as they are cancer and might get treated as second class servers later.

    1. Downloading and installing Plutonium:

    • Download RektT5 here.
    • Create a T5M folder inside you T5M install and put t5m.exe in it.
    • Run t5m.exe it will ask for your T5M install, point it to the right folder.
    • Click cancle when it asks you to log into your getrekt account as we don’t need one to host a server and all configs needed for a server are set now.

    2. Basic configuration and the first start

    3. (Optional) Advanced configuration

    Please read the instructions first before changing your config.
    It’s always a good idea to backup your config before you edit it.

    3.1 Changing the game mode
    • Open the server CFG.
    • Change the playlist to a different one with the game mode(s) you would like to host.
    • Save the file.
    • Restart your server
    3.2 Enabling hard core mode
    • Open the server CFG.
    • Change the playlist to a Hardcore playlist.
    • Save the file.
    • Restart your server
    3.4 Custom settings
    • Open the server CFG.
    • Disable the playlist and setup your maprotation as the playlist forces its settings.
    • Set-up your map rotation (sv_maprotation)
    • Scroll to the settings of the game mode(s) you want to change and make your changes.
      • Make sure you did remove the //.
    • Save the cfg and restart your server.

    4. (Optional) Install a server management tool

    Both tools need you to enable the game log and to set a rcon password in the server config, for your own safety use a long and safe (generated) password you will never have to remember this password! You should only install one of those 2 tools.

    4.1 Adding IW4m-Admin to your server

    5. (Optional) Hosting a second server from the same directory.

    • Make a copy of the bat file and the cfg file and rename them.
    • Edit the copy of the bat file to have a different port and to use your second cfg.
      (You must forward the second port as well if you are behind a DNAT!)
    • Edit the .cfg file.
    • Start the server through the new .bat file.


    Q: You said we can delete game files to save disk space, is it worth it?
    A:In my opinion it is, the files required to host MP servers with all maps and modes require roughly 1GB instead of 12GB and HIGHLY speeds up loading times as unnecessary files are not loaded.

    Q: So which files can we safely delete?
    A:You can safely delete the players and redist folders and all .iwd files but `iw_00.iwd`.

    Q: Why can’t I find my server hosted at home while others can?
    A:Your router probably doesn't support NAT-Loopback (aka. NAT-Reflection) and that's why it doesn't know how to forward the network traffic. In order to connect it use your internal IP or if its hosted on the same machine. More information about what NAT-Loopback is and how it works can be found on Wikipedia.

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