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  • RE: [PlutoT6] get band for knife kill WTF?

    Unbanned, the ballistic knife was detected as normal weapon with 0 recoil. Also you did mix up the game as it should be PlutoT6 instead of IW4x.

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  • RE: Custom Games with Friends

    Since PlutoT6 didn’t really add any commands you can use any dump on the internet.
    As long as you don’t want to play on Steam or Console or have the spare time to implement support for the lobbysystem: NO, there is no way to join a lobby.

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  • Two major tools of Plutonium released.

    Plutonium released the source code of 2 tools that where used to created custom content for PlutoIW5 and MW2:R (a IW4x mod that you should keep an eye out for)


    The ZoneBuilder is a tool that is used to work with fastfiles. Its main features are compiling, dumping and verifying of fastfiles. It can be used to quickly port maps from one Modern Warfare title to another or to create custom content from weapons to full conversion mods.

    IW5 GSC Assembler and Disassembler

    This tool can convert the compiled GSC that comes with IW5 into human readable files and back. In the development of PlutoniumIW5 it was used to set-up the minimap on custom maps.

    Both the ZoneBuilder and the GSC Dis-/Assembler can be found on GitHub.

    IW4 GSC:

    IW5 GSC (Disassembled)

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  • IW4x source code released.

    Yesterday evening the team behind iw4x had an unusual surprise for its community: Their full source code for accessible to everyone. Whether you are a die hard c++ veteran that want to improve iw4x or you are an average Joe that just want to take a curious look at it, it is a pleasant surprise that opened up the door for community patches to iw4x.

    The full source can be found on GitHub.

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  • GetRekt released a new update for RektT5.

    A new update for RektT5 got released, it mostly features small QOL changes and a few bug fixes. Most important change is that usernames with spaces are now working correctly. As usual the update will be automatically installed when starting the game.

    • dlcs are now loaded from t5m’s dir too (if dlc files are extracted to main/ and zone/ in t5m’s folder)
    • dedicated server -console argument
    • sv_sayName support for servers
    • cl_maxpackets max has been increased to 125
    • server will now have the hostname in its window title
    • r_enablePlayerShadows is set to 1 by default
    • fix credentials.ini storing usernames with spaces wrongly
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  • RE: Custom Games with Friends

    Then use your internal IP-Address.

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  • PlutoT6 name change crashes fixed.

    As the title says we fixed the crashes caused by repeatedly changing the name while being connected. Most servers have already been restarted to apply it, the others will get it when they restart / crash.

    Happy fragging!

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  • RE: Custom Games with Friends

    @BadVibes we have a handy guide with all commands needed right there

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  • Unofficial Plutonium Discord rules

    Since there is not a list of official rules atm on the Plutonium Discord / website I though I am gonna share a list of unofficial rules. TLDR: Use your brain.

    The Discord should be kept safe to browse at work or school.

    Actually read #readme.

    Make sure your names are at least 3 characters long and are easily tag-able.

    Use the correct channels.

    Don’t shit post or spam memes.

    Do not write single sentences over multiple messages, take your time.

    No religion, no politics. Your personal opinions do not need to be stated here.

    Not everybody comes from the same background, try to be helpful instead of hurtful.

    Respect everybody. Everything is nicer if people get along with each other. If your reply is negative for no reason, there is no need to post it. Be constructive.

    Much like respect everybody, respect staff. Not everything we do is something you will agree with but this project is provided for free and we do NOT work for you, so you must accept that we might refuse to comply with demands if we don’t agree with them.

    Using Pluto or Plutonium in your name is not allowed - it allows too much risk of impersonation.

    Usernames that could be used to impersonate a staff member are not allowed - your username will be renamed and an email sent to you if we find any that are too close to our own. IE. Zefyr or Eldors.

    Advertising is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to your YouTube channel, your Twitch, your 1337 sniper clan and your Uncle’s really funny Twitter account.

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  • Custom Games with Friends

    This guide will teach you how to play with friends over the internet in a custom games match. Note this guide requires you to port forward.


    1. The host of the game needs to port forward in order for others to connect (If you don’t know how to port forward please look up a guide on google for your particular router)
      The port that needs to be forwarded is: 4976 UDP (If you want to confirm this, enter the following command in the external game console get net_port)

    2. Go to continue to main menu from the Plutonium menu

    3. Go to custom games, pick your map and start the game (You must be in game for friends to connect, it will not work from the lobby!)
      Also if you experience the message “waiting for more players” you can use the following command to force start the match:

    4. Friends join by opening the console (MUST BE ON THE PLUTO MENU, IF YOU CLICK CONTINUE TO MAIN MENU THEN CONNECT YOU WILL CRASH!) and typing the following, replacing YourIP with your public ip (which you can get from here
      connect YourIP:4976

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