In-Game Moderator Application by Replayz

    1. What game(s) are you applying for? I am applying for Black Ops 2 Plutonium T6
    2. Do you have any experience about managing game servers? I do not have experience but am willing to learn
    3. What country are you from/which timezone are you in? USA and GMT is my timezone (summer)
    4. How old are you? I am 19 years old
    5. How much time on average do you play video games? I play video games on a daily basis (mostly all day)
    6. What are your 3 biggest positive and negative character traits? Positive: Honest,Loyal,Mature Negative: Rager,Angry (somtimes),Aggressive
    7. Tell us in four to six sentences why are the perfect match for our staff? I think I would be a good staff because I love to play games and i’ve been playing plutonium for a good while. I also know how to manage games and I am willing to learn how to manage Call of Duty servers. I am loyal to any staff position I am in and I take my staff position very seriously. Following guidelines and keeping everything organized is what I enjoy doing. I also would make sure no hackers are ruining everyone’s enjoyment on the server. Just being very active on the server and making the server as active as possible. Also show good customer service in the community.

    My Discord is CSN_Replayz#6671

  • Hey there @Replayz,

    right now is summertime and I hope you could make it to EU (GMT) for your “vacation” I hope. I would like to speak to you on our Teamspeak3 server for further discussion about your application details, where I got some more questions, which I would like to be answered.

    Please tell me a date and time (weekends prefered) when you are able to take part in this meeting, which is of course about your application 😏

    Thanks in advance,