• I just downloaded plutonium on my HDD, and I played mob of the dead with my friend, we played till round 10 and my game just crashed with no errors, it just goes to the desktop, and when i click the bo2 taskbar icon it just doesnt open.

    -I tried reinstalling nvidia drivers ( I have the latest ones of course) a
    -I downloaded the redist files from your support thread ( Directx and c++ x86 2010)
    -I have disabled discord overlay and hardware acceleration, also disabled chrome hardware acceleration and chrome running in the background.
    -I also enabled the compatibility setting and checked the “disable fullscreen optimizations box”
    -And made an exclusion in the windows defender for the plutonium folder.

    None of this worked.

    Just to clarify, my problem is that randomly when playing I get redirected to the desktop, but the game is still in my taskbar, and when I click it, nothing happeneds.

    I wish you all can help me fix this issue, much love

    Heres my plutonium folder file: https://imgur.com/Q0XMcBc