• Introduction

    Bring democracy to your server before the US discovers oil on it. With Vote Manager, VM for short, you can add basic votes to your game servers.


    • Each votes logic is clearly separated from VM itself, hopefully we can load custom votes at some point through reflection.
    • Comes with 3 different types of votes
      • Votekick (!vk) - starts a vote to kick a player
      • Votemap (!vm) - starts a vote to switch to a certain map
      • Voteskip (!vs) - starts a vote to skip the current map
    • veto (!veto) right for Moderators
    • Customoize-able minimum amount of players.
      • Don’t set it too low or it will be abused.
    • Adds details about the vote to the profile of the victim (votekick only) to make it easier to recognize certain patterns.


    You are NOT allowed to mirror or hot link this file.

    Download Vote Manager.