Common issues and frequently asked questions

  • FAQ

    Q: Is PlutoniumT6 still playable?
    A: Yes it is, download version r372 if you don’t have it already.

    Q: How do I open the console?
    A: The console can be opened with:

    • ^ on QWERTZ.
    • ~ on QWERTY (US).
    • ' on QWERTY (UK).
    • the key above tab on most keyboard.

    Q: Can I install PlutoniumT6 in the same folder as the Steam version?
    A: Yes, PlutoT6 does not modify any base game files.

    Q: How can I re-open PlutoT6 its menu
    A: Press F10 or Home.

    Q: How do I host a server?
    A: Our PlutoniumT6 server guide.

    Q: Can I play against bots?
    A: Yes, click Continue to Mainmenu and start a custom match with bots.
    A: To play with bots go to find game and select your choice of playlist.
    Once the map loaded do xpartygo on the console.
    Then spawnbot 17 in the console when the map has loaded. Change the number for different bots.

    Q: Can my friends join custom matches?
    A: Yes, you have to open port 4976 UDP and start the game. After your game has finished loading they can join using the console.

    Q: How can I join a password protected server?
    A: By setting the password via the console with password followed by your passwort (eg.: password swordfish, password "A password with a space").

    Q: Can I use PlutoT6 to play over LAN, fully offline?
    A: Yes, select the [˅] button next to the PLAY button in the launcher.
    A: Yes, save this as .bat in your game folder and run it.


    @echo off
    ::Name shown ingame.
    set name=Known Soldier 69
    ::Only change this when you don't want to keep the bat files in the game folder. MOST WON'T NEED TO EDIT THIS!
    set gamepath=%cd%
    cd /D %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plutonium
    start /abovenormal bin\plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe t6mp "%gamepath%" -lan -name "%%"


    Q: Does PlutoniumT6 contain a virus?
    A: No it does not, it most likely is a false positive from your antivirus. However like any and all software downloads you should use only trustworthy sources and not download random dlls off of the internet.

    Common issues

    Error: Unable to load import [email protected] from module binkw32.dll
    Fix: You selected the wrong game directory in the Plutonium launcher. You must select your Black Ops 2 game folder.

    E: The procedure entry point AddDllDirectory could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll
    F: Running an outdated Windows install is a bad idea, running an outdated Windows version that is so badly cracked you can’t even update it is even worse. Install all Windows updates.

    Error: Failed to start launcher: exit status 1073741515 or 3221225781 or 3221225775
    F: Download and install Visual C++ 20015-19 x86 redist. Restart your PC then relaunch the launcher. If doing so does not fix it, then download and run the following program to install all missing runtimes:

    E: The code execution cannot proceed because D3DCompiler_47.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
    F: D3DCompiler_47.dll is part of Microsoft’s DirectX 9.

    E: The code execution cannot proceed because XINPUT1_3.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
    F: XINPUT1_3.dll is part of Microsoft’s DirectX 9.

    E: PlutoT6 crashes when a fifth player connects on Origins
    Origins doesn’t support more than 4 players and when a 5th player joins it crashes with an out of bound exception in the gsc.
    F: Limit it to 4 players.
    F: Install JezusLizard his fixed GSC files.

    E: UI ERROR 5XXXX (eg 58339)
    F: Your stats file is corrupted, either use resetStats or delete your dw folder inside t6r/player. ALL PROGRESS WILL BE LOST AND DO NOT UNLOCK AN EXTRA CLASS SLOT!

    F: You are either missing some DLC files or you suck at pirating, either way download some clean files.

    E: Check board loading screens
    F: You are missing DLC files, download them or try another map

    E: Waiting for more players…
    F: Open the console and type xpartygo (This will force start the game)

    E: Could not load default asset ‘’ for asset type 'ddl’
    F: If you receive this error it means you are using an outdated version of the game (SKIDROW/NOSTEAM) or your game files are corrupted. The only solution is to delete the game files and reinstall using clean files. See #readme on the Pluto Discord for a link.

  • I cannot change the controls with my controller so as of right now i cant sprint when i use the controller

  • i need help, i have a 60% keyboard and i dont have the tilde key on my keyboard so i cant chnage my name ingame. Can i change the key in the settings or something?

  • @xxxx Did you read the whole 3 sentences or are you just here to complain?


    It’s a joke question as there are 2 ways described where you don’t need any special key at all.


  • My audio for bo2 hasn’t been working and I’ve tried numerous things but nothing seems to work. Can any of y’all please help? It’s driving me crazy not being able to hear game audio

  • @Xerxes when i try to launch, i can hear the music but the actual game doesn’t appear

  • b757d7e8-26f4-43c6-bee4-479cb171eada-image.png , How do I fix this ?

  • By following the instructions in the first post

  • @Xerxes I’ve done that still doesn’t work

  • mine tells me it wont start correctly press ok to close application

  • And then it just deletes my t6r.dll

  • @Zexii Read the first post.

  • Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000009a). Can anyone help me

  • i get an error called " oops we ran into a problem, we had to close the app " every time i get in a server, everything is updated and ive deleted and install the app again. no salutations work

  • @Xerxes
    when i try to open plutonium it says the t6r file is not found but it is in my folder. how do i fix this?

  • @ClexarHD by reading the very first post.

  • @ezy said in Common issues and frequently asked questions:

    Hi, I have a question, but sometimes i go into a server and after the match my bo2 is going black screen and i need to restart, its not on every server but many of them and its kinda annoying. do you know what the problem is?


  • Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000009a). I get this error please help been tryin to 4 days now

  • can anyone help me i am trying to download piry and when it says windows protected your pc and i press more info it doesnt give me a option to run it anyway someone help me please

  • @HighRetro is your windows in a managed environment where that option is disabled? Eg a school or work pc?