Custom Games with Friends

    This guide will teach you how to play with friends over the internet in a custom games match. Note this guide requires you to port forward.


    1. The host of the game needs to port forward in order for others to connect (If you don’t know how to port forward please look up a guide on google for your particular router)
      The port that needs to be forwarded is: 4976 UDP (If you want to confirm this, enter the following command in the external game console get net_port)

    2. Go to continue to main menu from the Plutonium menu

    3. Go to custom games, pick your map and start the game (You must be in game for friends to connect, it will not work from the lobby!)
      Also if you experience the message “waiting for more players” you can use the following command to force start the match:

    4. Friends join by opening the console (MUST BE ON THE PLUTO MENU, IF YOU CLICK CONTINUE TO MAIN MENU THEN CONNECT YOU WILL CRASH!) and typing the following, replacing YourIP with your public ip (which you can get from here
      connect YourIP:4976

  • What is the last command for the friend to join

  • @BadVibes we have a handy guide with all commands needed right there

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