This guide will teach you how to play with friends over the internet in a custom games match. Note this guide requires you to know how to port forward, which is very out of the scope of this guide.


    1. The host of the game needs to forward 4976 UDP in order for others to connect.
      You can double check the port with the Successfully bound socket to localhost:xxxx! message where xxxx is the port you need to forward.

    2. Go to continue to main menu from the Plutonium menu

    3. Go to custom games, pick your map and start the game, you must be in game for your friends to connect, it will not work from the lobby!
      Also if you experience the message “waiting for more players” you can use the following command to force start the match: xpartygo

    4. Friends join by opening the console, they MUST BE on the Pluto main menu and wait until “Downloading Playlists…” is gone, then they can type the following, replacing YourIP with your public ip. connect YourIP:4976
      If you don’t know your public IP any website like whatsmyip.org will work.

    If you and some / all of your friends are on the same LAN they connect through the internal IP, if all players are on the same LAN portforwarding is not necessary.
    If you really can’t portforward use rAdmin VPN as Hamachi won’t work in most of the cases.

  • What is the last command for the friend to join

  • @BadVibes we have a handy guide with all commands needed right there https://awog.at/p/146

  • What if we have the same ip? How would we play together then?

  • Then use your internal IP-Address.

    1. There is a full list of commands? for example restarting a game in custom with friends.

    2. No way to add friends or joining their lobby or something else??

    Thanks for supporting

  • Since PlutoT6 didn’t really add any commands you can use any dump on the internet.
    As long as you don’t want to play on Steam or Console or have the spare time to implement support for the lobbysystem: NO, there is no way to join a lobby.

  • hi Xerxes, do I have to start a server bat file and create a server to play custom games or its already automatically set up? My brother and I are on the same wifi/lan

  • @Opser2 When you are using custom games you don’t need to host a dedicated server since the game will host a listen server. All thats left to do is for your brother to join through console using your internal IP.

  • @Xerxes i hop success full your plutonium projected

  • man , when my friends join me they all count as dead :’( which a bit annoying ! is there a solution so we all play the first round and start the game from it’s begining ?

  • @xX-BiHi-Xx you have to time this correctly with your friends can already connect while you are on the loading screen. It’s the easiest on maps with a intro video since you can just wait with skipping it until your friends are ready too.

  • Hello, can you add me on discord? I need help with some port forwarding stuff pls
    Add Krybien#4543

  • Could someone make a video about creating a custom game on plutonium BO2 Please ?

  • Hey, I’ve followed this guide thoroughly but it doesn’t seem to work with zombies when trying to play with friends custom zombies

  • Make sure your ports are forwarded and you are ingame before your friends try to connect.

  • How does it work with zombies like do they connect when in lobby or ingame?

  • @Xerxes My ports are all forward and I load the game before they try connecting. It says “connecting” but they are never able to connect

  • Make sure your connection even support portforwards and the your windows firewall is not blocking them.

  • @Hassam Have you been able to solve the problem?