[Release] YADB - Yet Another Discord Bridge

  • Introduction

    As the name suggests YADB - Yet Another Discord Bridge is a Discord bridge styled tool. It uses Discord’s Webhook functionality to allow you to send certain events to your Discord servers.

    Example report with admin notification

    More screenshots:

    Example  chat messages

    Example ban message


    Currently it supports to following events:
    Chat messages
    Connection Loss
    Connection Restore

    Special features:
    Emoji support for Bans, Kicks and Reports.
    Customize able tags per server game.
    Ban evasion detection detection.
    Can ignore reports from ZM Servers.
    Every kind of message can be turned off.
    Messages can be split into three different hooks.


    • fe4b1ad
      • Fixed an issue that breaks chat hooks with older config files (introduced in c42c484)
    • 20d2d08
      • Updated used SharedLibraryCore version (comes from IW4m-Admin)
      • Plugin prints version with git hash on start-up (20d2d08 in this case) for easier version control.
    • d28608b
      • IW4m-Admin b188 changed how the metaservice has to be accessed, this implements the new way. The metaservice itself is used for Gravatar support on the chat hook embeds.
    • d585272
      • introduced forceSetUpHooks (bool) to force all webhooks to be set-up again.
    • c42c484
      • introduces support for chat hook overrides per game or per game server
    • 6337a30
      • Version bump to 1.0: I guess it is time to bump the version since this is the most widespread used 3rd party plug-in for IW4MAdmin, it pretty stable and has plenty of features.
    • 56a21b5
      • Updated SharedLibraryCore to 2.4.2
      • Switched the example tag overrides to less used games.
      • Added the possibility to have a ban only discord hook.
    • 3cce88f
      • Penalties from the Webfron are now shown correctly, this was only a cosmetic issue.
    • 7ceb780
      • Made set-up process more retard proof by validating Discord Hooks with Regex and creating unit tests for them.
    • 6a162ea
      • Merged changes from @RaidMax to restore functionality:
      • Updated SharedLibraryCore to 2.2.7
      • Changed how configs are read.


    You are NOT allowed to mirror or hot link this file.

    Download Yet Another Discord Bridge

  • can you customize what domain it links to in the discord messages?

  • @RED-PANDA-UwU Only indirectly by setting ManualWebfrontUrl in your iw4ma config.

  • i installed but ain’t work

    no error at all

    [03.21.2020 10:25:15.263] - Verbose: Loaded Yet Another Discord Bridge (0.1) by [AWOG] Xerxes in IW4MAdmin (!

    its loaded fine but no message on discord

  • Check your configuration, if you set it up to not send messages it won’t send any messages.

  • @Xerxes all its true ,
    this is my config is there something worng?

      "DiscordChatHook": "https://ptb.discordapp.com/api/webhooks/deleted/deleted-deleted",
      "DiscordInfoHook": "https://ptb.discordapp.com/api/webhooks/deleted/oQHROf7Z-deleted",
      "DiscordReportHook": "https://ptb.discordapp.com/api/webhooks/deleted/deleted-deleted",
      "EnableMemes": true,
      "ReportTag": "\"<@&20471511375046246>\"",
      "ShowBans": true,
      "ShowConnection": true,
      "ShowEvasion": true,
      "ShowKicks": true,
      "ShowTempBans": true,
      "UseEmoji": true,
      "PushZMReports": false,
      "TagOverrides": {
        "T5": "@here",
        "T6": "430694434930425856"

  • @Sul6an Get rid of the ptb. in the addresses.

  • @Xerxes same problem i remove ptb and i try recreate the link nothing happens
    its works with iw4admin DiscordWebhook the older one

    do u have discord?

  • What you also could try is to get rid of https://ptb.discordapp.com/api/webhooks/ or https://discordapp.com/api/webhooks/ completely as deleted/oQHROf7Z-deleted is the preferred format anyways.

  • @Xerxes same like this? not working

      "DiscordChatHook": "/691019660384380/4RGx6ZPjWo2QR0PcCRLJ7UDfcuPTXRiTaCpfJTmOr9WExixlMizKFKuef-2oo",
      "DiscordInfoHook": "653396785903954/_uUWLEYXZ8qb6qi89KBweHs-4OFxpw1KIEdPawXF5WPhbtvJzU5Fn0",
      "DiscordReportHook": "6568653549590282/rM4Qy5JGYHjO15VyEoDnmM9Y-gvU2M4nD2DJ8Qwj4rBftFiEC8KFkrV7ov",

  • You have a / at the beginning of your DiscordChatHook, get rid of it as well.

  • @Xerxes yeah i was edit the last message is working

    to fix it i delete the config and remove ptb. from the link

    Thanks <3

  • @Sul6an said in [Release] YADB - Yet Another Discord Bridge:

    essage is working
    to fix it i delete the config and remove ptb. from the link
    Thanks <3

    where do i add the dll

  • You have to put the dll into the plug-ins folder of IW4MAdmin.

  • yo how do i can edit the file its .dll

  • You don’t.