• Introduction

    In this tutorial, I’ll cover how to get both DLC 2 and Diamond Camos (without grinding) for PlutoT6. This method is safe and does not require any third-party hack tool/cheat to exploit the game. Do not share any third-party hack/cheat for camos or any hack/cheat in this post. I do not endorse any third-party hack/cheat tool for PlutoT6 or any game in that matter. This tutorial will only show you a safer way in getting these camos only.

    Getting Diamond Camo

    Very easy setup. Drag and drop mpstatsCompressed to Call of Duty Black Ops II/t6r/player/dw/<ID> and replace anything it asks you. It will reset your classes back to default custom class, so make sure you keep note of your custom classes to redo them. Then Delete mpdatabk0000and mpClassSets, if you don’t delete it then you get an error like so:
    alt text
    After that, now you can enjoy diamond camos on all guns. Even secondary guns such as pistols.
    alt text
    alt text

    Getting DLC 2 Camo

    Since Plutonium T6 doesn’t have DLC 2 camos option, then you can’t really edit your classes in PlutoT6. However, you can with Redacted. Now I will not show you how to install Redacted due to being millions of tutorials online and on YouTube. Also, don’t want to fill it up in this tutorial. However, let’s presume you have Redacted installed.

    1. Copy mpstatsCompressed from your player folder, where we previously got it from. Put mpstatsCompressed into Call of Duty Black Ops II/Plugins/OpenNetStorage/Userfiles and rename mpstatsCompressed to 6FB26EA8.Redacted.

    2. Next open t6mpv43.exe. Go to Online>Public Match>Create A Class. Select a gun you want to customize and personalize weapon.

    3. Now you can see there is a DLC 2 tab on the top right. YES, click on it…
      alt text

    4. Okay, now you can guess what’s next. Yeah, pick your favorite DLC 2 camo. I would recommend doing this to all your classes that want DLC 2 camos so you won’t have to come back to Redacted.
      alt text

    5. Okay, you picked your favorite DLC 2 Camo, now let’s put the stats file back to PlutoT6.
      5a. Copy 6FB26EA8.Redacted to your Call of Duty Black Ops II/t6r/player/dw/<ID> and rename it back to mpstatsCompressed.
      5b. Voila! Start t6rmp.exe and enjoy your awesome Black Ops II DLC 2/Diamond Camos in PlutoT6.
      alt text

  • Hi, where do we find the file called Call of Duty Black Ops II/t6r/player/dw/<ID> ? For install DLC 2

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