• What game(s) are you applying for? Black Ops 2 and Iw4x (Mw2)

    Do you have any experience about managing game servers? I do, used to own multiple Minecraft servers; I understand the management ship of the role, and the responsibility it brings.

    What country are you from / In which timezone are you in(during summer and winter)? I’m from the UK, GMT timezone.

    How old are you? 16

    How much time on average do you play video games? I play averagely for 6 hours a day. Depending on whether I have school or not. Roughly 40 hours/week I’d say.

    What are your 3 biggest positive and negative character traits? I’d say my Maturity, Discipline (respecting everyone and my superiors). And activity, are my positives, and for negatives, I’d say my patience, skill on Bo2 aha, and nothing else really.

    Tell us in four to six sentences why you are the perfect match for our staff. I believe I should take on this staff position as I’m a well-disciplined and respected person when it comes to reinforcing rules, my excellent communication skills play a big part in this as communication with peers is a key skill that which could lead to sorting out an argument or as such. Communication is a very important skill to have, as I’ve said already but…, it can stop a situation from escalating quickly or warning someone verbally. “Determined to be the best I can be”, I will work to the best of my ability, constant activity (as I see not a lot of stuff online) always being online, or getting online when needed. Maturity, plays a big role as a staff member, being mature means to act professionally in your work, to be a role model to your fellow gamers, to show upmost respect towards staffing. Being mature can also be being just generally friendliness towards players, but this comes as being strict when needed but not biased. I also understand human sociology, which plays a big part in handling situations without escalating them. I believe myself as a useful asset to the team and the community as a whole.

    • Valiant
      Discord: ValiantData#7828

  • Rejected due to a recent automatic ban on NBS servers for cheating.


  • @Xerxes Discord DM’s ASAP.

  • No DM in this world will save you from this, you are simply not trust-able.

    One one hand you deny ever playing on that server and on the other one you say you only had that cheat installed to trickshot and on a bind. And instead of trying to correct your wrong doing and coming clear you start to lie even more. Because that cheat can’t be loaded by an bind, it has to be injected, moreover it can’t even be injected by most injectors as it requires some special injector.
    And all that after your application.

    Your DM to me, that you have deleted by now, saying you never played on an NBS server.

    Your DM claiming it was a bind.

    You denying to |Y| that you have ever played on a NBS server.

    Your Profile on NBS’s IW4m Admin instance.