• right i just got banned reason apear to be cheating. not sure who banned me it was on one of you plutonium servers .
    i aint cheating and it hapend after getting a 5 kill streak and that is nothing like i am an avid cod player just looking to have some fun and when my freind told me about plutonium i got it strate off and now ive been banned. i dont under stand what trigered it like it was only a 5 kill streak and on other cods i have multiple nukes like. thanks for reading adn i hope you see that i aint cheaeting and un ban me, and my name is SLR Porky

  • You may have gotten reported via in-game, multiple times. You see, the problem is we have no valid proof you didn’t cheat. Can you state whether you got auto-banned by reports or?

  • um im not sure if it was an auto or reports as i dont remer it saying all i know was thit it said ban reason ‘‘you appear to be cheating’’ . also how could i prove that i was not cheating?

  • You tell me, wait for a response of an Admin to further this.

  • all i have is that i have no game banes on steam or uplay and i have over 800 hours on rust 200 on the division and almost 200 on rainbow six siege. hear is game play of me playing r6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLmpuTHTbR0&t=101s its not the beast but hopfuly that will show you that i dont cheat in games because cheating is scumy and it ruwens the game for other people.

  • I talked with the creator of iw4ma and it’s anticheat,
    apparently your ban was an false positive and will be lifted. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.


    XERXES, from the snapshots it looks like he was probably just going for headshots. Most likely a false positive. The other metrics look within normal Params