Cheaters on the RektT5 servers

  • I’ve been playing the AWOG servers every day for almost a week now under the name ApocLOL and me and my friends have ran into the same hacker almost every day with the first 3 letters of his name being “sef” and that “sef” guy is blatantly cheating because he is just holding down left click and getting kills through walls without even aiming at the person. I can barely spawn when he plays. Please ban him, it’s seriously frustrating. Thanks!

  • Hi,
    can you please provide some proof, best would be a video, so we can ban him? Alternatively you could report him ingame with !report but depending on the time we might not have any admin with t5m installed online.

  • I just went to the file in theater but it says all of mine are missing or removed even though I’ve never touched them. I’ll do my best to get a recording next time though.