Plutonium release a major update for PlutoIW5

  • Today PlutoIW5 surprised us with yet another update this time they dropped a big one too.

    Not only does it feature a completely new weapon, the AK-74u but they also did include a new map.
    They did bring one of the most played maps from MW2 to MW3: Rust. They also did bring back friend support for PlutoIW5 which requires both players to follow each other on the forum.

    The rest of the change log mostly consists of nice little QoL features, a few bug fixes and support for Discord’s Rich Presence.

    In order to unlock all for the AK-74-u you can type the following 2 commands into your consoles:

    setPlayerData weaponRank iw5_ak74u 30
    setPlayerData weaponXP iw5_ak74u 179600

    You can find the full change log on the Plutonium Forum.