Bug on Zocker_bude server (Left 4 Dead 2)

  • Hello, I created an account on this forum to tell you there’s a big bug on your server in L4D2: when you go to the Safe Room and close the door after the end of that level, you can’t continue with the next because the game doesn’t seem to detect that the door is closed, so you stay there unable to continue the game.

    Please solve that, you have a really good server and we have so much fun playing on it.

    Thank you, and sorry for my bad English :-)

  • Solved, thank you :-)

  • Hi thanks for reporting this issue, we have already mitigated it a bit.
    From our experience leaving and re-entering the saferoom or open and closing the door a few times solves that issue.

  • Hi @Xerxes , nice to meet you. I’m writing to you another time to report that now we have the same bug as 16 days ago on Left 4 Dead 2… I tried to open and close the door more than 20 times and I couldn’t continue my campaign. Hope that you can solve that, thank you so much :-)