Limitless1204YT's In-Game Moderator Application

  • What games are you applying for: Only Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies (Plutonium T6)
    Do you have any experience about managing game servers: Yes
    What Country are you from / in which timezone are you in: Canada / Eastern time
    How Old Are You: 16
    How much time on average do you play videogames: About 5-7 hours Monday to Friday
    What are your 3 biggest positives character traits: 1. I’m Funny, 2. I’m Honest 3. And I have self-control
    What are your 3 biggest negative character traits: 1. Messy 2. Sometimes I’m shy depending on how someone acts 3. Easily Distracted
    Tell us in 4-6 sentences why you are the perfect match for our staff:

    1. I’m active a lot on BO2
    2. I respect others
    3. I moderate 2 discord servers well (from what the owner says so I’ll take his word for it)
    4. I’m great at helping people with what they need

    If you want me to explain anything that is to vague DM on discord at Limitless1204YT/irishKHgamingttv#1992

  • HI,
    thanks for your application. Can you confirm that this is your IW4mA Profile? Also @Alpha and I would like to talk to you on either Discord or Teamspeak on one of the coming weekends.

  • @Xerxes I can confirm the that the profile is mine

  • @Limitless1204YT It has been ~5weeks and you still didn’t tell us a date, when we can actually have an interview either on TS or Discord. So I would kindly recommend you to think about a time which suits your scedule on one of the coming weekends. If there will be no answer in this thread until this upcoming sunday 19th of july, I will call this “case” application dismissed.

    thank you,