• I am 16 years old, I am from the United Kingdom, I play on your servers very often, mostly your town zombies matches on black ops 2 plutonium. I have been playing Call of duty for about 6 years now so I have a good understanding. I do not have experience moderating game servers, But I do have experience moderating other things. I am a admin in a youtuber with 900k+ subscribers discord server: Truthgamings on youtube. My discord is AAAAAAAAA#1337 Like I said I am from the United Kingdom and My time zone is GMT. I play video games at least 10 hours per day, sometimes 5/6 though as sometimes I go out with friends/family.

    3 biggest positive traits: I am a chilled person/moderator if moderating. I can take jokes but can also tell when people go too far and punish them accordingly. I feel like i’m good at making friends with people. And I do not get mad very easily

    3 biggest negative traits: I hate people who constantly try to annoy me/get me in trouble. I also get very frustrated when I do things wrong. And lastly I am very quiet about emotions/feelings. Oh and another one: I am very competitive :D

    1. I am trusted by many people with many things. EG: The youtuber’s discord server
    2. If the other staff get to know me, I can be a fun person to be around
    3. If i’m not playing black ops 3 or CS:GO I am playing your zombies servers.
    4. I am very friendly in your servers, as you can check my recent messages https://cod.awog.at/client/profileasync/68554

    I hope you consider adding me to your moderators :)


  • Hey there @Milk,

    @Xerxes and myself would like to speak to you, so we can sort things out and sepperate the wrong from right. Please name time/date for an interview which i would like to take place on our Teamspeak3 server.



  • @Alpha i am free anytime to do it, I don’t have teamspeak though so I’ll have to download it or something

  • @Milk so i guess you download it and join our server on “ts.awog.at
    I’m online pretty much every evening from 7pm till i don’t wanna do anything but fall in my bed. just join the NEED ADMIN in the welcome section of the teamspeak. an admin will get a message if there is one online on the server, whereever they might be 😆

    catch you later,