• Introduction

    This is a rather simple plug-in that takes events from the game log and translates them into punishments. This is most likely only relevant to people writing their own GSC.

    We at AWOG are using this to punish EMP-ing of perks. Whenever a perk is EMP’d the following log line is written ScriptPerkEMP;<attacker guid>;<attacker slot>

    The plug-in uses the following config to translate this into warnings in IW4ma. Which causes the well known behavior on our servers.

          "EventName": "ScriptPerkEMP",
          "targetsPlayer": true,
          "Punishment": "warn",
          "Message": "Do NOT EMP the Perks!"

    Example  Perk EMP kick


    • Can be used to react to any in-game event
    • Customize-able actions
    • Customize able messages


    You are NOT allowed to mirror or hot link this file.

    Download Generic Log Parser