Statistics for our game servers

  • It does not matter if you want to improve yourself, compare yourself with friends or are just curious about your in-game habits, statistics are always interesting & nice to have.
    That is why we always try to collect them and provide them to you, obviously different games need different tools that’s why we can’t show all stats at one place. To make things easy we always try to provide a web-interface as well. To be as transparent as possible in our administrative work we also provide public banlists.

    For Source-Engine based games like CS and L4D2 we use HLstatsX:CE and SourceBans.

    For CoD we are currently using XLRstats and Echelon, but we are preparing the migration to IW4M-Admin, even though this might look like an downgrade at first it will provide better security, future updates, a modern web-interface and better usability. IW4MAdmin is currently in a testing phase and once this phase is over we are going to wipe the DB and add our IW4x servers as well.

    All CoD servers are now running with IW4M-Admin, the address of it’s web-interface didn’t change!