• Customization was always one of the fundamental pillars of PC gaming, that’s why we are always looking for good community made content for our game servers. While some game servers allow to download everything that is needed on the fly while joining others don’t or you might want to pre-load as much as possible.

    Our Left 4 Dead 2 server is using this collection for custom campaigns.* ***

    Our Gmod PropHut server uses this collection** to deliver most of the files but ships a few custom assets over our CDN and our Cinema server uses this collection**.

    Our CS:GO server uses the this collection.

    CSS and IW4x download all required files when you join and on map change this makes them really efficient and we are using a big, strong CDN to deliver good speeds to you!

    *Must be downloaded before you can join a custom map as L4D2 doesn’t have full workshop support.
    **You don’t need ULib and ULX!
    ***Will download additional files over http during first connect which will result in a black screen that might look like your game has frozen (less than 10MB). Blame L4D2 for the lack of a progress bar!

  • CS:S Content for GMod:

    It is possible to get the CS:S content for free and directly from Steam.

    You are going to need Notepad++, steamcmd and about 15 minutes time.

    First you have to install and run steamcmd, valve has a simple tutorial for that on their wiki.

    Once you have steamcmd up and running enter the following into the console.

    login anonymous
    app_update 232330

    Now open your GMod folder, navigate to the cfg folder inside garrysmod and open mount.cfg with Notepad++.

    Uncomment line 9 (remove the //)(, change the path if you need to).
    Save the file and you are done.

    To update CSS you simply have to re-run steamcmd, you can also automate this by creating a bat file with steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 232330 +quit inside.