• First of all, if you where cheating don’t even waste your time creating an account, we don’t unban cheaters at all.
    However, if you didn’t cheat the steps to get unbanned are rather simple:

    • Create your own thread in this forum section, make sure the title starts with the game/service in [] (eg: [IW4x] or [Discord]) followed by your in-game name.
    • State why you where banned, why you think you should be unbanned, what you will do so that you won’t get banned again and your game / service ID.
      • If you know who banned you mention the admin on the forum (using an @)
        • If you are unsure about the admin’s name just write what you think it was, usually we can get that information from our ban lists.
        • If you don’t know who banned you at all leave it out.
      • If possible supply a link to your ban (either IW4m-Admin or SB), evidence,
    • Bring a lot of patience, every ban appeal is handled on a individual base and unless the admin that banned you is MIA for a long time bans won’t be lifted without their input. You may ask for updates on a weekly basis.