Plutonium released an update for PlutoT6.

  • After roughly 3 months Plutonium finally started to fulfill one of their last promises.
    Today a new update for their T6 client got released that adds back the server browser and global bans, next to a few quality of life features.
    Those quality of life features are:

    • Names now are saved even in offline mode.
    • Stats now are saved even in offline mode.
    • RektCI3 (their own AntiCheat) now automatically bans cheaters.
    • Enhanced LAN support. (Means it automatically starts in offline mode if it can’t reach it’s master server.)
    • Small tweaks under the hood.

    The update can be downloaded from their site either as full client (mirror) or as an update (mirror) for your PlutoT6 and does no longer require a forum login.
    Don’t expect new features or updates for PlutoT6 unless something goes terribly wrong since the CoD “community” has proven once again it doesn’t care about quality but only about free games and you have all reason to hate them for that since we are now missing out on a lot of cool features, some of them never got announced others like custom weapons already got teased, and 2 new clients.

    File name: t6r.dll
    File size: 6,48 MB (6.795.776 bytes)
    MD5: C64EEA0DA460D1429CE1BAAB467EE21C
    SHA-256: 8E14C4441F081F322E61CCD6451AD892DD457F0A938F7501C689371B73AF6687
    File name:
    File size: 80,7 MB (84.641.683 bytes)
    MD5: C74C5B4BA37ECD93D664F4DD75DABD21
    SHA-256: 2DEABB4F435209072D191D574B98EB4E25D101A414E709679FC78AF50165AB81

    Seems like there is an issue with that version that causes the anticheat to ban players even though they don’t cheat.


    The issue with the anticheat has been resolved temporarily.