• What game(s) are you applying for? jUST MW2
    Do you have any experience about managing game servers? YES
    What country are you from / In which timezone are you in(during summer and winter)? Pakistan
    How old are you? 20
    How much time on average do you play video games? 2-3 hours
    What are your 3 biggest positive and negative character traits? (1) My behaviour is good (2) I am very friendly(3) I have a good sense of humor
    Tell us in four to six sentences why you are the perfect match for out staff.
    (1) I am Active so i am good for staff
    (2) I can help Staff about Servers
    (3) I respect my seniors
    (4) I say to my mw2 friends to play AWOG servers

  • Hi,
    thanks again for your application. We are going to give you a chance.
    Please verify that this is your Account. To answer your question from Discord: You don’t have to re-apply as an admin to gain admin privileges on another server if you are already an admin. In fact IW4m is going to grant you rights on T6 as soon as it detects you as it detects you as an admin of IW4x.