• IW4x released version 0.6 of their Client, the update mainly contains bug fixes and a few new features but also includes a few security patches. The new features of this update are:

    • Add dvar to control the server query rate (net_serverQueryLimit & net_serverFrames) which is useful for those of you who don’t have strong routers.
    • Implement /serverlist api endpoint on dedicated servers.
    • Implement unbanclient command.

    While only the first one is interesting to average Joe the second one might mean that there will be an online server list for IW4x soon-ish since now everyone can easily get a list of all servers.

    The most important bug fix of this update is that the friend list finally works again. Also noteworthy is that the lag spikes on low end PCs, that got introduced with version 0.5.1, got fixed.

    As always the full change log (.onion) can be found on their website.