• IDK how many servers you guys can run but I really love Green Run Tranzit and half the time on T6 there are no servers running it, so if you guys could have it running on default that’d be nice.

    Edit: Also I’m gonna be playing daily for the next week or two (I think) and I’d love to be a mod in the T6 servers for like 2 weeks cuz I don’t think there are any active mods in there and I’ve had exp in being an admin for IW5 so I’m good at that, pretty active most of the day on Zombies. 17 yrs old. Probably not accepted but whatever 😅

  • We actually had a Transit only server (ZM PvE #1), problem is that many players either don’t like it or don’t know how to play it. Either way it was not successfully at all.
    However if more people request it we could turn off PlutoT6 TDM#2 in favor for an additional PlutoT6 ZM server.

    Your age sure as hell isn’t an issue for us and your English seems fine too. So I don’t really see any issue at the moment. We have a sticky post in the Application section that you might have already read which contains a few simple questions.