• You know that map, we all do. Town. Not Nuketown but the one from transit. I’d like to ask how do I setup a server including just the town part of transit I know it’s possible to make a server with it and I know it is more complex but can you let me know how I can include it with a dedicated server?

  • @archieeee said in Town zombies:

    I know it is more complex

    That why we don’t give it out, the CoD community proved on uncountable occasions they can’t be trusted with potentially dangerous commands.
    We don’t need a metric shit ton of broken Town servers, that would be just the same old story like all those pirates that talked down on Pluto because they downloaded garbage.

  • Just joined here, been working on some project in relation to modded game clients before hence why I found this place of interest.

    Although, this I can’t understand.
    Yes, there are dumb people, yes there are people who would fuck up servers, game saves and files because of their incompetence or ignorance. But why should this limit the advance users? I know a lot of people, including myself who are willing to spend time looking at things, working things, building and creating things but you’ve seem to limit this.

    Maybe I am misunderstand here, or completely underestimating the complexity here but I’d just like to know more on the situation.

    Thanks anyways man, have a good one.

  • Everything that is needed to host a Town server can be found on the internet, nobody did put a Free Town Server Here on top of it that’s why they can’t find it.

  • @Randomm did you ever figure out how to host a green run town survival server?