GetRekt released three updates for RektT5.

  • After over 3 years of silence GetRekt released three updates for RektT5.
    This updates are mostly composed out of quality of life changes.

    Changelog update 1:

    • working server flags
    • dvar-related changes
    • working RCon
    • working CAC
    • disabled UPNP
    • fixed “connecting…” issues for non-English installs
    • stability improvements
    • more features to theater/leaderboards
    • enabled data folder for dedicated servers

    The dvar changes are as followed:

    • cg_fov, cg_fovScale got unprotected
    • r_noborder got added for MP and SP
    • party_minplayers now works from the server cfg
    • con_enableBdLogging got added to hide the DW Emulator spam in the console
    • sv_network_fps maximum got increased to 1000
    • playlist_enabled is now writable

    Changelog update 2:

    • Fixed playlist_enabled resetting after a map_rotate
    • Fixed RCon tools crashing dedicated servers

    Changelog update 3:

    • Added support for game_mod (start t5m.exe with -linker_mod to use it)
      • RektT5 will read the mods from its own folder, you can however link them together with mklink /d mods c:\path\to\bo1\mods
    Game_Mod is a special modification for Call of Duty: Black Ops that allows users to play custom maps, enables the developer console, adds a menu option to load mods, etc. developed by Nukem & SE2Dev.

    Game_Mod can be downloaded from their GitHub page.