Banned for being to good? Thanks?

  • So I was playing a match on Nuketown and literally won 1 vs 2/3 playing knife only… Then the next match was a Killhouse match and I got to like 22 Kills 0 Deaths playing with 1- Predator Missile 2- Chopper Gunner 3-Nuke Killstreaks and my Rapid Pire P90 Stopping Power & Steady Aim Class. I was actually enjoying the game happy that I was about to get a nuke when I dont play this game in years and downloaded IW4X for Nostalgia… Then guess what… I got banned for supposedly cheating… Lol I came here and registered to say Thank You? If I’m such a good player that u call me a cheater… Anyway seriously now… I wasn’t cheating and some1 banned me :)

  • That was an automated ban, nobody did manually ban you. We gonna need demo files from you from those rounds.

  • There is an issue in the latest version of IW4mAdmin that seems to apply the offset of a bot to players killing them. Those offsets should always be 0 if you are a legit player.

    I could reproduce this with my game as well. You are unbanned, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by this!

  • Alright, thank you for clarifying the situation. Have a good one!

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