False positives from the IW4m-Admin AntiCheat.

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    We and other communities / clans have experienced an issue with IW4mAdmins Anti Cheat. According to its main developer Raidmax it seems like when a player kills a bot the offset of the bot is somehow parsed as the offset of the player. Which causes values that are impossible to reach for legit players and then causes an automatic ban from the Anti Cheat.

    All AUTOMATIC BANS caused by OFFSETS have been deleted.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this to the affected legit players!


    We are currently trying to figure this out together with RaidMax.
    Every single one banned wrongly during that process will be unbanned ASAP!

    After another debugging session with RaidMax the issue has been found and it got fixed. Thanks for your patience!

  • In case anyone cares for the technical reason behind the false positives.:

    The issue got cause by the different meaning of . and , in numbers in different regions of the world. Normally the localization settings of Windows are meant to solve that by providing a program with the right settings for the local PC. However while IW4m-Admin did follow these coding conventions CoD did not and always used the US number format. When that happens on a PC where the localization settings are set to a region where . and , are the opposite tiny numbers are seen as enormous ones and vice versa. This is why IW4m-Admin did get those impossible for a legit player values while the player in fact was not cheating.