banned for cheating? over 4000 hours on csgo lmao

  • Nothing really to say, i’ve over 4k hours on csgo and have achieved the top rank in the game (equivalent to FACEIT level 5, I’m FACEIT level 8/10) so I’m amongst the best few percent of players in one of the hardest mechanical shooters, not to mention I have a 144hz monitor, so obviously I’m going to be one of the better players but apparently getting like 15 kills on one server is enough to dictate im cheating which is ridiculous. I’ve never been banned from any other servers.

    My name is kzr in-game and the map was skidrow. Thanks for your time.

  • We did test a private version of IW4mAdmin to fix
    Sadly it didn’t work as intended, your ban will be lifted the next time we start IW4mA.
    Since IW4ma isn’t running nothing stops you from rejoining.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, but its for a good cause!

  • Cheers man.

  • //Closed