• After some time spent on creating our own vote plug-in we are happy to announce that we have the first servers having a vote functionality based on IW4m-Admin.

    Obviously abusing those votes can result in a ban.

    The following new commands and aliases got added.:

    • !votekick or !vk to vote kick a player
      • Requires a player and takes an optional reason.
    • !votemap or !vm to vote for a map
      • Requires a map name.
    • !voteskip or !vs to vote to skip a map
    • !yes or !y to vote for a running vote.
    • !no or !n to vote against a running vote.
    • !veto or !v to use your veto right.
      • Requires at least Moderator permissions

  • is those are commands are available for public or private ?

  • The commands are available to anyone playing on our servers, the plug-in however is private.