• What game(s) are you applying for: Plutonium

    Do you have any experience about managing game servers: Yes, I have been admin on servers on other games

    What country are you from / In which timezone are you in(during summer and winter): I am from UK/England and GMT

    How old are you: 18

    How much time on average do you play video games: From midday to 10pm

    What are your 3 biggest positive and negative character traits: I am fair, I’m well behaved, I don’t get angry often and am a friendly person.

    Tell us in four to six sentences why you are the perfect match for out staff.
    I’m good at managing people, I can give advice and information to people, I have respect for anyone above or below my rank, me and my friend play on your ZM Plutonium a lot.

  • Hi Doggog,

    thanks for your application! Is this your Profile (8B31DFB0)? Also do you have Discord or TeamSpeak?

  • i my old 33 years old

  • Hey there Doggog,

    you actually forgot to mention your negative character traits… not really much of an honest impression, if you’re just speaking about yourself as a friendly person.

    So maybe you should edit or comment in this thread with some information which we can take as a serious image of yourself.

    thx, Alpha.