Two major tools of Plutonium released.

  • Plutonium released the source code of 2 tools that where used to created custom content for PlutoIW5 and MW2:R (a IW4x mod that you should keep an eye out for)


    The ZoneBuilder is a tool that is used to work with fastfiles. Its main features are compiling, dumping and verifying of fastfiles. It can be used to quickly port maps from one Modern Warfare title to another or to create custom content from weapons to full conversion mods.

    IW5 GSC Assembler and Disassembler

    This tool can convert the compiled GSC that comes with IW5 into human readable files and back. In the development of PlutoniumIW5 it was used to set-up the minimap on custom maps.

    Both the ZoneBuilder and the GSC Dis-/Assembler can be found on GitHub.

    IW4 GSC:

    IW5 GSC (Disassembled)

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