• What game(s) are you applying for?: Call Of Duty Black Ops II Zombies.
    Do you have any experience about managing game servers?: I managed game servers before,but not first shooters game servers.
    What country are you from / In which timezone are you in(during summer and winter)?: I am from Romania, GMT+2.
    How old are you?: I am 17 years old.
    How much time on average do you play video games?: Minimum 35 hours/week.
    What are your 3 biggest positive and negative character traits?:
    - Punctual
    - Sociable
    - Doing everything properly
    - Always in hurry
    - Judging people from the start
    - Hating a lot
    Tell us in four to six sentences why you are the perfect match for out staff: I guess i am not the “perfect” match,but I will try to perfect my admin/moderator skills!
    Also I learn pretty quick. I don’t disappoint too much, and if I do then I usually repair what I broke.

    Hope that we will cooperate for a long time!

  • Hi,
    thanks for your application. Is this (9253E1D4)the correct profile?