How does the Plutonium server load GSC scripts?

  • My friends and I are trying to make a mod that would force team auto balancing in grief since right now players always end up on the same team. However, since there isn’t any documentation on how Plutonium servers load custom GSCs we haven’t
    been able to do much yet.

  • I figured it out and thought I should share with the community how it works since no one has answered yet.
    Basically in the data folder in the t6r folder create a maps folder and then inside that folder create an mp folder and finally inside that folder create a gametypes folder (if your running a zombies server add _zm to the folder name ), then use something like GSC studio to compile your script and name it _clientids.gsc.

    It should look like something like this.

  • @JezuzLizard So kinda like redacted. I did the same thing (forgot the gametypes folder though). I was on the right track I guess.


  • @JezuzLizard

    hmm, that way doesn’t work for me unfortunately.
    I tried those methods:

    • plain .gsc (not compiled)
    • compiled .gsc
    • starting the game with “xpartygo” command
    • starting the game with “map mp_map” command

    Non worked. The “map mp_map” command makes the game crash and the “xpartygo” command just makes the game load without a crash but also without a mod.

    Any idea what might be happening?

  • It need to be a compiled gsc, you may want to switch compilers.

  • @Xerxes I am using GSC Studio. Any good alternative?

  • GSC Studio works if you export it as compiled gsc.