Plutonium T6 Ran into a problem and must be closed.

  • Hi, i’m discover Plutonium from a youtube video made from a brazilian dude who teach how to play BO2 from Plutonium. Well a downloaded the game and the Piry updater but it still don’t work and this error show up.bug.png image url)

    The first time the game opened and when i clicked “Unlock a lot but no everything yet” it happened. Someone know’s how to fix it?

    Thank’s for the attention.

  • You could try deleting the dw folder in .\t6r\player\ as that is the place where your stats are stored.
    But not even Microsoft supports Windows 7 anymore 😂

  • @Xerxes i don’t have any stats i just downloaded it, anyway i deleted dw folder but still doesn’t work here, on plutonium discord #support there is other people having the same problem but anyone knows how to fix it.

    Thanks a lot

  • problm damp dont working pluto t6

  • This post is deleted!