We are looking for in-game moderators.

  • We are looking for in-game moderators that help to keep our servers nice and tidy.
    Your job would mostly be handing out warnings to players breaking our rules (eg. by camping) on the servers.
    But also answering simple questions players may ask. (for example about blocked items and perks).

    The requirements are:

    • Must be 16 or older and act according to it.
    • Must be able to write and speak proper English (German is a small plus but not a requirement).
    • Must have basic understanding of CoD.
    • Must be a regular on our servers.
    • Must have a working headset without annoying noises.

    What we need to know about you:

    • What game(s) are you applying for?
    • Do you have any experience about managing game servers?
    • What country are you from / In which timezone are you in(during summer and winter)?
    • How old are you?
    • How much time on average do you play video games?
    • What are your 3 biggest positive and negative character traits?
    • Tell us in four to six sentences why you are the perfect match for out staff.

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